Music of U.A Sanabria

Tracks  1 through 10 from the personally produced album:

SONGS BY U.A. SANABRIA featuring the Jack Cavan Orchestra (all written by U.A.Sanabria except where noted)

Tracks 11 and 12 are from a commercially released Columbia 78

by Dick Jurgens and his orchestra

Track 13 is the Eisenhower Victory March

Track 14 are the 1959 deForest radio campaign (jingles) for the new tv/stereo console units.

These are transfers from 78's that were in poor condition.  As much noise was eleminated as possible, but some have very noticable clicks, pops, and skips.

deForest Sanabria TV radio jingles/campaign

for 1959 introduction of TV/Stereo combo consoles.